Postgraduate specialization

Admission to Faculty of Health Sciences for pursual of
Specialist Degree - Specialist in Medicine


  • A degree in Medicine taken abroad and approved by National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira),;
  • Adequate written and oral knowledge of Finnish language. Ability in Finnish may be shown by a certificate signed by an Assessor of the State Board on Language Examinations;
  • An existing offer for a position in a Finnish hospital. All foreign physicians wishing to practice medicine in Finland must find work for themselves. A notice of employment from the employing hospital should be forwarded to VALVIRA.

An absolute prerequisite for taking a Specialist Degree is that VALVIRA has granted a physician a licence to practice medicine in Finland. A foreign physician can start his/her specialization after having obtained this authority to act as a physician. The specialization takes five or six years (depending on specialization programme) and comprises of:

  • practical service at hospitals and health centres;
  • theoretical studies;
  • a written specialist examination.

In addition to a licence granted by VALVIRA, each foreign physician must be in possession of a valid Finnish work permit. Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for deciding whether or not a work permit shall be issued.