Licentiate Degree in Medicine and Dentistry

In Finland Medical studies is a continuous six-year program where Bachelor and Master studies are integrated to form a Licentiate degree (360 ECTS credits). Dentistry is run accordingly, however, it takes five and half years (330 ECTS credits). After finishing the basic degree one may enter the postgraduate specialization programs. For basic degree studies, as well as for postgraduate training, the Finnish language is a prerequisite.


The only way to become a medical or dental student in Finland is to attend the entrance examination that is held once a year in the middle of May. It is the same examination for all medical Faculties/Schools in Finland and the same for Medicine as well as for Dentistry, too. The entrance examination is in Finnish (or in Swedish) and the medical/dental studies here in Kuopio are run in Finnish only. There are no English tracks for the medical or dental curriculum in Finland.

Before the entrance examination one needs to make an application. The application procedure is an on-line application ( ) and it is open each year in about March-April. More information is found, in Finnish only, from: .

Please note that it is not possible to study Finnish at the University of Eastern Finland before starting studies here. For information about countries offering studies in Finnish language and culture please go to

Other options

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