Kuopio Welfare Research Center KWRC

The Kuopio Welfare Research Center KWRC is a multidisciplinary research and development center focusing on research of wellbeing and welfare systems.

The KWRC works as an umbrella organisation within the University of Eastern Finland and is coordinated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. The research center aims at centralizing research resources and promoting interdisciplinary research by bringing together researchers from different departments, faculties and other organizations. The KWRC is working in close collaboration with various national and international partners.

The objectives of Kuopio Welfare Research Center are to

  • Develop Kuopio area into a national center of well-being research and know-how.
  • Provide support to the local and national level decision making processes concerning social and health care policy.
  • Create national and international cooperation networks between those working with the production and development of welfare services (in municipalities, companies and the third sector) and researchers.
  • Ensure the high standard of research and development and conduct high quality basic and applied research at international level.
  • Create career opportunities for young researchers.