Postgraduate Medical Specialist Training, Occupational health

A specialist in occupational health is familiar with the connections between work and health. Such specialists are able to prevent work-related health hazards, treat the diseases of the people of working age and promote resources related to work. They are able to assess and support working ability, which is the key task of an occupational physician. They are able to operate in cooperation with individuals, workplaces and their multi-professional occupational health team, and if necessary, also with other health care, rehabilitation services, the social insurance system and labour administration. They can plan operations, set objectives for occupational health care operations, justify necessary procedures and evaluate their efficiency together with customers and customer organisations.

Many of the above-mentioned skills are characteristic operations in occupational health care for which the basic training of doctors offers only preliminary skills.

The arrangements of the specialisms of occupational health differ from most other specialisms, for example, with regard to the decentralised implementation of training at the specialisation phase, the extensive use of an online learning environment (, the pedagogical training of specialists who work as trainers, and extensive cooperation between universities and operators in working life.

At the end of 2015, occupational health care was the second largest specialism in terms of the number of doctors in training (about 850 doctors in training) and the fourth largest specialism in terms of specialists (about 850 specialists). Approximately 45 occupational health specialists graduate annually. According to legislation, a full-time occupational physician must be a specialist. The outlook in terms of employment is good.

If you are widely interested in people, enthusiastic about cooperation, always ready to face new challenges and learn new, a socially aware doctor – welcome to the training!

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