Bachelor´s and Master´s degree in Clinical Nutrition

Wish to become a nutrition professional?

Various kinds of nutrition professionals graduate from the nutrition study programme. In addition to nutrition and food science, the studies include medicine, natural science and behavioural science.

All students complete a common Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, the scope of which is 180 study credits (ECTS) and which corresponds to about three years of study. 

The scope of a Master’s degree in Health Sciences is 120 study credits (ECTS), which means that studies are completed in about two years. About half of the Master’s degree studies are common to all students; depending on personal interests, while other studies can cover, for example, nutritional therapy, physical exercise and sports nutrition, or the food industry.

Nutrition studies provide a qualification for various posts in, for example, health care, food and pharmaceutical industry, research and teaching, food service industry, patient associations, sports clubs and as entrepreneurs. The University of Eastern Finland is the only university in Finland where you can study to become a qualified nutritional therapist. Nutritional therapy studies introduce students to the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Further information on the structure of the studies is available in the study guide of nutrition. Studies are pursued full-time, and the master phase of the studies in particular requires attendance in Kuopio.