Attractive Health Sciences and Medical Program

We represent hot areas of higher education. Our programs are very popular.

In the Medical School program we are responsible for teaching primary health care to the future medical doctors. Whatever the structure of Finnish social and health services will look like in coming years, primary health care will remain as the cornerstone of well-functioning services. We provide training sessions and short student internships to health care centers, and we teach the essentials of family medicine.  We are the ones who will train you for the comprehensive medical care of the elderly, in the important field of geriatrics.  We describe health challenges of the working age population, and the special services they are provided.  Future doctors will also receive the basic public health information package of health services, legislation, health care funding, the role of health promotion in physicians’ work, global health challenges, and health research methods, epidemiology.

The newly graduated medical doctors are not forgotten by us. We provide them with post-graduate specialty training in family medicine, occupational health, geriatrics, and health care systems.

Clinical Nutrition has for long been one of the most attractive degree programs in the whole University of Eastern Finland. To put it simply, the field is at the heart of health issues, and the job markets are excellent. When choosing the Master’s level studies, one can also choose Food Biotechnology, if one aims at being a top expert in that field.

The wide-scoped Bachelor’s Program in Health Promotion is the latest offering in our higher education portfolio. Following completion of it, you may apply to one of the three highly profiled master level progammes in health promotion:

  • Master’s Programme in Population health and occupational health promotion
  • Master’s Programme in Health Excercise International
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Public Health (MPH), which attracts applicants from all over the world every year. Based on their prior experience and interests, students can choose from four specific tracks within the programme. Studying in this programme is a truly multicultural experience.

More information

Henna Saari, Clinical lecturer, (Medicine), henna.saari(at)
Jarmo Heikkinen, Clinical lecturer, (Occupational health), jarmo.k.heikkinen(at)
Eija Lönnroos, Professor, (Geriatrics), eija.lonnroos(at)
Sari Voutilainen, University lecturer, (Nutritional Sciences), sari.voutilainen(at)
Tiina Rissanen, University lecturer, (Health Sciences), tiina.rissanen(at)
Arja Erkkilä, University lecturer, MPH-programme, arja.erkkila(at)