M.Sc in Clinical Nutrition

The scope of a Master’s degree in Health Sciences (a higher university degree) is 120 study credits (ECTS), and it takes two years to complete.  Those who have completed 60 study credits (ECTS) in Nutrition can apply for the right to act as a legalised nutritional therapist.

The objective of a Master’s degree in Health Sciences is to offer a good knowledge of nutrition and the skills to operate in working life in a versatile manner as a nutritional expert. In addition, the objective of the degree is to offer skills for scientific thinking and the application of scientific methods and skills for scientific further education.

The importance of nutrition in preventing diseases and their treatment is emphasised in nutrition therapy studies. A Master’s degree can also be compiled without nutritional therapy studies, in which case the degree can consist of, for example, food biotechnology, physical education nutrition, nutrition communication and business studies.

Those who have completed a Master’s degree in Health Sciences with Nutrition as their major subject can act as product experts in the food and pharmaceutical industry, as nutrition experts in food services, in an administrative and expert role in organisations, associations and sports clubs, and as entrepreneurs. Those who have completed studies in Nutrition are qualified to act as nutritional therapists in hospitals, health centres and rehabilitation centres, and as entrepreneurs. The qualification of a nutritional therapist is applied from Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) after completing the Master’s degree.

The majority of the teaching is in Finnish.