Culture and Health

This is one of the latest research areas in our Institution. It is an expanding and creating field of study that seems to acquire new interesting shapes all the time.

It is obvious from public health point of view that culture, with its customs, norms, attitudes and institutions, has a strong effect on behavior, and thus has a fairly straightforward effect on health and welfare. But a lot of questions remain to be answered in this field.

We understand culture very broadly. We are embedded in culture, it surrounds us from all directions. Of course in certain situations it is also possible to think culture as a more spiritual or artistic phenomena (such as arts, music etc.).

 We have taken a very international approach to the research of culture and health. The role of culture becomes exceedingly important in crises of any kind. From this it follows that we have we decided to conduct research in various humanitarian crises and in situations where different cultures are clashing. We have examined health-related phenomena people in many places including Kenya, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, as well as Syria and its neighboring areas.

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