Aging and health

A longer life expectancy is one of the greatest achievements of our society. However, financial and health policy challenges are attached to the ageing of the population structure to such an extent that the positive sides of the development and the resources of the elderly are not entirely recognised. There is, therefore, great demand for research on ageing. We need current epidemiological data on factors related to the health of the elderly, the occurrence and forecast of long-term illnesses, the need for services and the functionality of service systems, and above all, fresh and functional interventions in order to promote the health and well-being of the elderly.

Research on ageing at the macro level is, to a great extent, a multidisciplinary cooperation. Our unit and the University of Eastern Finland offer good possibilities for this cooperation. Besides health sciences, there are important domestic and international cooperation partners in many disciplines. Our task is to identify the effects of an individual’s properties, way of life, factors related to the environment and work, and more extensively the effects of current conditions on the health, ability to function and well-being of the elderly. This requires both a research approach based on a long-term life-cycle and very time-specific intervention research.

Join our multidisciplinary team to look for answers to the following questions, for example:

  • How can we turn our ageing workforce into a success factor?
  • How can we develop the service system of social welfare and health care in such a way that its operation would continue to be cost-effective and humane also for the elderly?
  • What happens when health and ability to function waver – what is meant by optimised treatment, nutrition and rehabilitation?

Life worth living until the end – promoting good ageing and old age as a health researcher.

For further information Eija Lönnroos, Professor, Email eija.lonnroos(at)