Competent specialists are at the leading edge of health care

Training provided by us on geriatrics, occupational health, general medicine and health care

Key themes of geriatrics include the promotion of health and ability to function of the elderly, research and treatment of diseases related to ageing, the management of multiple diseases, and a comprehensive working method that favours multi-professional cooperation. The training to become a geriatrics specialist offers versatile working possibilities in basic health care both in the public and the private sector.

In terms of occupational health it is important to be familiar with the connections between work and health, and supporting working ability and careers in cooperation with various operators. Specialists in occupational health work in public and private occupational health care units and units owned by companies.

The basis of the work of a specialist in general medicine consists of science, correct values and attitudes and the knowledge of the operating environment and the community. Specialists operate in a patient-centred manner using an extensive and comprehensive approach to work. In addition, they have field-specific problem-solving skills and they can manage health care as an entity. Most of them work in the front line of health care at health centres.

The most typical specialist in health care is a specialist in social and health services. During specialist training, the key challenges of public health and means to meet those challenges are also approached in a more profound manner. One of the competence areas of this specialist field is the processing of information related to public health and the service system.