Environmental health

Living environment affects health in a number of ways: at best, it promotes health and a healthy way of life, but we are also regularly subjected to harmful environmental factors. Megatrends that affect the health hazard of the living environment include urbanisation, climate change and an ageing population in Europe.

Typically, environmental health research is multidisciplinary; therefore, research that is related to the department contains exposure studies, clinical measurements, epidemiological studies as well as impact assessment. Health effects are assessed with the help of survey, register and panel studies.

The topic entities of environmental health study include the importance of the urban environment on health and the effects of climate change and its preventive measures on health. In terms of individual environmental factors, research has focused on pollution, environmental noise, heatwaves and green areas in cities. In addition, studies are carried out on the risk conceptions of citizens that affect the emissions of environmental harmful effects, exposure to them and resulting health effects.

Ongoing studies assess, for example, the exposure to air pollution during biking, the connection of wind power noise to health, the effects of heatwaves in health and social welfare facilities, and exposure to smoke from burning wood and related health hazards and the risk conceptions of citizens.

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