Language, life, and the society

XLVI Annual Conference of Linguistics on 16–18 May 2019

Dear colleagues,

XLVI Annual Conference of Linguistics will be held on 16–18 May 2019 at the University of Eastern Finland (Yliopistokatu 2–4, Joensuu). The theme of the conference is language, life, and the society. The plenary lecturers are the following:

Professor Unn Røyneland (University of Oslo)

PhD Anne Ketola (Langnet plenarist, University of Tampere)

Assistant Professor Tuomo Hiippala (University of Helsinki)

In addition to the plenary lectures, the program will include section papers, workshops, poster presentations and a panel discussion organized by the Linguistic Association of Finland. The conference also offers an opportunity to see the exhibition A hundred Finnish linguistic biographies and a retrospect of the 50 years of academic language education in Joensuu.

The topics of the section papers, workshops, and poster presentations can relate to the theme of the conference, but other subject areas are also possible. We ask that you send us abstracts for section papers and posters as well as your workshop proposals by 3 March 2019, using a link at the conference website. Further instructions will be added during January. Workshop proposals should consist of the general description of the workshop and the abstracts of the presentations, hence workshop participants do not submit their abstracts individually. A single workshop can contain 10 presentations at the maximum. You will be notified of the acceptance of section papers, posters and workshops on 22 March 2019.

Presentations are 20 minutes in length, with 10 minutes for discussion. The main languages of the conference are Finnish, Swedish and English, but presentations can also be given in other languages.

The registration fee is 85€, with the discount price of 50€ to students, doctoral students, pensioners and the unemployed. The fee covers the program, abstracts, a seminar folder, two lunches, coffees, and the evening reception.

You will find the conference website at the address and the e-mail address for the event is We will open a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the conference, to be advertised later in the spring. The conference hashtag is #ktp2019.

You will be sent instructions on the registration and payment as well as accommodation possibilities later in the spring, in the second circular. The conference will begin on Thursday 16 May at 12.30 pm and end on Saturday 18 May at 2 pm.

Welcome to Joensuu!

Organizing committee