Surgery (incl. Orthopaedics and Physiatrics)

Undergraduate education

The majority of teaching is conducted the facilities of Kuopio University Hospital in training demonstration rooms of surgery and physiatry unit clinics, for example. The studies are carried out in the form of group teaching, seminars and lectures. Students will become acquainted with different specialities in surgery (gastroenterological surgery, orthopaedics, traumatology and hand surgery, plastic surgery, urology, vascular surgery, heart and thorax surgery, paediatric surgery) and physiatry. During the surgery course all students get to learn about a surgeon's/an orthopaedist's work in the operating theatre.

Surgery education is reformed

In the 2016 autumn semester  surgery will begin using a reformed curriculum. A course on Patient examination (POTT) will be taught at year three of Medicine. The course is carried out together with the academic subjects of internal medicine, general surgery, neurology and geriatrics. On the POTT course teachers of surgery are responsible for teaching the examination of the musculoskeletal system.

Studies on Surgery and Physiatry will begin in year four. The Surgery studies comprise lectures, initial examination, group teaching and seminars, after which the students will take part in the final examination on surgery. On the Surgery course all students complete part of their studies as decentralised studies at Central Finland Central Hospital, North Karelia Central Hospital or Mikkeli Central Hospital.

The teaching of physiatry focuses on the diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases.

The integrated organ-specific course (YEK), carried out in compliance with the old curriculum, will be left out of the new curriculum. It is possible to take YEK examinations until the spring 2018. Sixth-year students participate in supplementary training some of the teaching of which has been decentralised to Central Finland Central Hospital, North Karelia Central Hospital and Mikkeli Central Hospital. Students registered for the decentralised training will complete their supplementary education in surgery in one of the above-mentioned central hospitals. The other half of the class completes the supplementary training in Kuopio University Hospital. At the end of the sixth year, students take the final examination in surgery.

The transitional phase will last until spring 2019. After the transitional phase all education will be carried out in compliance with the new curriculum.

Students can enrol in advanced studies in surgery and physiatry starting from the first year.

Medical specialist training 

In addition to undergraduate training medical specialist training in orthopaedics, traumatology, gastroenterological surgery, urology, plastic surgery, paediatric surgery, vascular surgery, heart and thorax surgery, general surgery and framework training of surgical fields is also offered at the specialisation phase of the academic subject.

You can find more information about the medical specialist training in Finnish at the Erikoislääkärikoulutus page of the School of Medicine.


  • The person in charge of the academic subject, Surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology: Heikki Kröger (heikki.kroger( at )
  • Surgery: Matti Eskelinen (matti.eskelinen( at )
  • Gastroenterological surgery: Tuomo Rantanen (tuomo.rantanen( at )
  • Traumatology (m.a.): Joonas Sirola (joonas.sirola( at )
  • General surgery (m.a.): Juha Paloneva (juha.paloneva ( at )
  • Physiatry: Olavi Airaksinen (olavi.airaksinen (at)
  • Register-based study: Reijo Sund (reijo.sund (at)

Clinical lecturers:

  • Jari Halonen (jari.halonen( at ) or jarikalervo.halonen( at )
    • thorax and vascular surgery
  • Henrik Nuutinen (henrik.nuutinen( at )
    • plastic surgery
  • Timo Nykopp (timo.nykopp( at )
    • urology
  • Joonas Sirola (joonas.sirola (at), deputy Simo Miettinen (simo.miettinen( at )
    • orthopaedics and traumatology
  • Pirjo Käkelä (pirjo.kakela( at )
    • gastroenterological surgery
  • Päivi Jakorinne (paivi.jakorinne (at) and Janne Pesonen (janne.pesonen (at)
    • physiatry


  • Person in charge of the course: Päivi Jakorinne (paivi.jakorinne( at )
  • Clinical lecturers: Päivi Jakorinne (paivi.jakorinne( at ) and Janne Pesonen (janne.pesonen (at)

Teaching coordinators:

  • Anita Koponen (anita.koponen( at )
  • Keijo Suhonen (keijo.suhonen( at )
  • kirophoit( at )


Kuopio Musculoskeletal Research Unit (KMRU), TULES Research Unit