Psychiatry (incl. Adolescent Psychiatry)

The discipline of psychiatry belongs to the Institute of Clinical Medicine (School of Medicine) in the Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Eastern Finland.

Licentiate in medicine - undergraduate programme

The discipline of psychiatry provides the undergraduate education required in medical licentiate degree program during all clinical years and also arranges training courses for psychopathology, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of mental disorders among adolescents and adults. The education is based on scientific research and clinical experience. The teaching methods involve lectures, group lessons and seminars. 

Specialist degree

Specialist training in psychiatry

A specialist and post-graduate training in psychiatry is given in the Department of Psychiatry of Kuopio University Hospital and to some extent also in the central and regional hospitals in the district of the University of Eastern Finland.

Specialist training in adolescent psychiatry

The specialist training in adolescent psychiatry is a six-year program, which includes both theoretical studies and clinical work. Training is provided in cooperation with the Kuopio University Hospital and by separate arrangements with the other hospitals included in the area of Kuopio University Hospital.

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.


According to the research strategy of the discipline of Psychiatry, we are involved in interdisciplinary research on depression with the other clinical specialties in Kuopio University Hospital. The interdisciplinary research in adolescent psychiatry focuses on psychological growth and its risk factors with one specific area of interest being the use of alcohol and its influence on psychological and physical health, on brain anatomy and neurophysiological functioning.

Adolescent psychiatry: The Youth Wellbeing Study  and REAL-SMART project

Follow-up study with randomized clinical vitamin D supplementation trial on patients with depression (DepFuD)