Forensic Psychiatry

The discipline of Forensic Psychiatry is located in Niuvanniemi Hospital. It is responsible for providing basic and continuing education for students of forensic psychiatry; the personnel also undertake research in this field.

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In Finland, forensic psychiatry is a medical specialty in its own right, although often a specialist in forensic psychiatry will have first completed a training program in psychiatry.

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.

Forensic psychiatry tasks

Forensic psychiatry explores how mental disorders can affect an individual's behaviour, what kind of problems results from mental disorders and abnormalities when applying legistlation, and in particular, how criminal and violent behaviour can be prevented and treated.


Randomized controlled trials in substance dependence and antisocial behavior

Genetics of violent crime

Real-world effectiveness of pharmacological treatment

Neurobiology of schizophrenia