Undergraduate training

The discipline of Paediatrics in undergraduate medical training (14 ECTS credits) provides training both in paediatrics and in child neurology. The objective of the course is to teach future physicians the basics of children´s health and the treatment of their illnesses with a focus on the skills and know-how required in open healthcare. Basic education is provided by many specialists at KUH´s Paediatrics Department and other staff, in addition to the university´s lecturers.

Medical specialist training

Medical specialist training is provided both in paediatrics (6-year degree programme) and in child neurology (5-year degree programme). Both specialist degree programmes have their own responsible persons, and practical service is carried out in KUH, other central hospitals and health centres.

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.

The work spaces of the lecturers and teaching coordinator in the Paediatrics discipline are located in KUH, building 6 (5th floor). Paediatrics also has facilities for research work in the Clincal Research Centre (Canthia building).


KuBiCo – Kuopio Birth Cohort Study

KUopio Pediatric Research Unit - KUPRU: research projects