Child Psychiatry

The discipline of Child Psychiatry deals with children´s mental development and abnormalities therein, as well as with mental disorders in children and their treatment. The discipline conducts both epidemiological and clinical research. Child Psychiatry is part of the Medical School´s Institute of Clinical Medicine. Teaching is provided at Alava Hospital, which houses Kuopio University Hospital´s Child Psychiatry Clinic.

Undergraduate training

The permanant staff include a professor, a clinical lecturer and a teaching coordinator. The discipline provides medical students with basic education in child psychiatry.

Medical specialist training

Specialisation training in child psychiatry is organised in cooperation with Kuopio University Hospital and, in accordance with separate agreements, with other central hospitals in the area. Medical specialist training takes six years. Child psychiatry work in healthcare consists of multidisciplinary team work headed by a specialist in child psychiatry.

Child psychiatry specialists work in specialised medical care, primary healthcare and family and child guidance clinics within social services, and as private practitioners. Child psychiatrists also work as experts in various third-sector organisations focusing on children and families, and as full-time researchers in various bodies.

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.

Other training

The discipline also organises child psychotherapy in cooperation with Kuopio University Hospital´s Child Psychiatry Clinic, carries out regional continuing education on a regular basis and organises teaching in collaboration with the open university.