The aim is to create a study module, based on scientific research, that serves open healthcare practices. The course focuses especially on the clinical examination of patients and provides instruction in manual skills. We aim to develop a good learning atmosphere through interaction between staff and students. We develop the study module continuously, taking into account student feedback, while we also use new teaching methods. In addition, we offer high-quality international teaching.

The lectures on the core competence areas are held twice a year with the same content, from August to September as well as in January. Small group teaching is implemented in four-week periods at the KUH Otorhinolaryngology Clinic throughout the academic year. In small group teaching, the students examine patients at the outpatient clinic, the health centre, and on the ward. The teaching also includes seminars and familiarisation with the operation of the different units of the clinic. The most important content covers Otorhinolaryngology, Phoniatrics, and Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine.

Together with the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic of the Kuopio University Hospital, the discipline participates in discipline-specific specialist medical training as well as postgraduate and continuing professional education. An important goal is to develop the discipline of otorhinolaryngology, offer high-quality postgraduate education, and promote scientific research.

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.

Person in charge of the discipline: Professor Heikki Löppönen

Person in charge of undergradute training: Professor Heikki Löppönen

Teaching Nurse:  Kirsi Huotari