Clinical Radiology

Radiological examinations are used to determine the nature of the diseases and to evaluate the extent of the diseases. At the end of the studies, students must be able to interpret x-rays at the hospital emergency room and at the health centre independently. The students know the basics, indications and limitations of the ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, angiography and interventional radiology. The students are aware of the further studies.

Degree Programme

The teaching consists of lectures, small group teaching and seminars. The small group teaching is arranged at the demonstration room at the department of clinical radiology (KUH). The demonstration room has radiological workstations that are connected to the Kuopio University Hospital picture archiving and communication system. In the beginning of the course the students are introduced to the picture archiving and communication system. During the course, radiological examination and imaging methods are presented to the students with example cases. Students are also introduced to the radiation protection. In the end of the course, there will be a compulsory picture revision. The exam consists of both essays and radiograms. The students have access to an internet based self-study material for medical students that has referrals and diagnoses. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the optional course of Emergency Radiology. This course includes follow up the work of the on call radiologist and participation to the radiological meetings.

Specialist Degree

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.


Cancer Imaging Study Group


Embodetect Eastern Finland Study Group

EPI-MRI Study Group

Interventional Radiology Study Group