Clinical Chemistry

Clinical Chemistry and Hematology (laboratory medicine) are one of the diagnostic specialities. The services of the clinical laboratories are used for the diagnosis and follow-up of diseases. The discipline investigates blood, urine or other body fluid samples and cells. A variety of techniques are used to measure concentrations and activities of enzymes, proteins and metabolites, changes in cells and genes. New methods are developed and evaluated in joint projects with the clinics. 

The discipline of clinical chemistry is housed in the Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Institute of Clinical Medicine. The clinical services are provided by the Eastern Finland Laboratory Centre Join Authority Enterprise (ISLAB) ( In addition, teaching and research are performed in cooperation with ISLAB and Kuopio University Hospital.

The discipline participates in the teaching of medical, dental, pharmacy and biochemistry students and provides post-graduate education. Teaching for medical students involves applying the principles of evidence-based laboratory medicine and patient-cases. The discipline also participates actively in Graduate School of Clinical Research Kuopio University Hospital and University of Eastern Finland. The training provided to clinical chemistry residents (both MDs and clinical biochemists) is organized together with ISLAB. The facilities are located in the main laboratory of ISLAB in the main building of Kuopio University Hospital (2. floor). The personnel consist of one professor, two clinical lecturers, a teaching nurse, postdoctoral researchers, medical laboratory technologists as well as doctoral students.

More detailed information on discipline-specific medical specialist training can be found at the pages of School of Medicine.


The research focuses on the evaluation or development of new biomarkers through joint projects with clinical units. The main focus has been on new biomarkers for iron metabolism, cardiac diseases and inflammation-related damage of cells and tissues. NEBKEY (New biomarkers for key processes of metabolism and inflammation)-project involves collaboration with several clinical projects.