STORING Research data

The preservability and reusability of the research data used and produced in the research can be ensured by archiving the data. In addition to the data itself, descriptive and technical information on the contents of the data, i.e. metadata is needed to secure that the research data can be found and reused.

The fundamental principle of the University of Eastern Finland’s publishing and data policy is that the findings, data and publications are open in accordance with the principles of research integrity and the legal framework (legislation and agreements). The document dealing with the data policy will provide further information about research data and how to manage it

Research data can be stored to closed online environments or it can be opened to a varying degree for others to access and utilise through open data archives and repositories. Open availability of research data enables its reuse and the validation of the research. Sharing research data is a merit for the researcher. Research organisations and several funders have instructions on how to store and open research data. Guidelines to preserving research data after research in University of Eastern Finland.

There are several national and international data services that researchers can use to store and deposit their research data. Research data that cannot be opened, can be stored with the help of the university’s research data service or, for example, with IDA a research data storage service offered to Finnish universities and polytechnics and researchers funded by the Academy of Finland. With the help of IDA, it is also possible to open research data.

University of Eastern Finland’s IT services produces most of the IT services and server resources used by the researchers. Principally the public and base protection level research data is saved to Microsoft Office365 environment acquired by the university and situated within the EU. High protection level research and project data is saved to LocalDrive site in the university’s own server rooms.

Research infrastructure programme of the University of Eastern Finland determines the university’s key research infrastructure. From the research infrastructure programme you can also find the UEF research infrastructure descriptions and the information in which of the Finland’s roadmap for Research Infrastructures (2014-2020) UEF participates.

More information about data services for opening research data at Open UEF web pages.




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