Research data management

The Publishing and Data Policy of the University of Eastern Finland and increasing number of research funders require that good management of research data is a part of the research process. The Academy of Finland, European Commission's Horizon 2020 framework programme and Business Finland of the key funders have outlined requirements for the data management.  

With the help of a meticulously planned data management, a researcher can perceive the entire life cycle of the research data, diminish the risks related to it as well as ensure its ethical, secure and efficient use during and after the research. According to the Data Policy of the University of Eastern Finland, a research data management plan should be made for the research at the planning phase. Especially research funded by public funding should be planned so that it can be made open whenever and to the degree it is possible in view of the agreements concluded, legislation and the principles of research ethics.  Read more about open research data on Open UEF web page.

Archiving data used and produced in the research either to a closed or open data archive ensures its preservation and future availability. In addition, besides the produced research data, in order to secure its findability and usability, descriptive and technical information, i.e. so-called metadata of the content is needed. If you wish to make the research data openly available, a suitable institutional, national or international data archive must be chosen and the usage rights must be defined, e.g. with a Creative Commons licence.

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