Publishing in the UEF publications series

Publications by the university's experts

The university's teachers, researchers and other experts produce more than 2,000 scientific publications each year and approximately two thirds of these are published internationally. Findings and results are primarily published on international forums whenever it is suitable for the academic field's purposes.

You can search for publications by the university staff in the UEF SoleCRIS research database using various search terms, e.g. author name, research unit or keyword. SoleCRIS provides you with current information about UEF experts, publications and initiatives.

You can search for the academic publications of the University of Kuopio between the years 1989 and 2009 here (currently available only in Finnish).

Publication Forum is a classification of publication channels created by the Finnish scientific community to support the quality assessment of academic research. You can use the Publication Forum to search for academic journals, series, conferences and book publishers.

The Juuli portal (MEC) contains the publication information of Finnish research organisations. The bibliographic information within the Juuli portal has been compiled from the research databases of Finnish institutes of higher education, as part of the annual data collection conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Publishing online

Electronic publications of the University of Eastern Finland can be accessed via the UEF Electronic Publications service. The service also contains all electronic publications published by the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio.

The UEF Electronic Publications service complies with Open Access (OA) publishing, which means that the publications in the service can freely be accessed by anyone. Read more about Open Access publishing.

Researchers are recommended to self-archive their publications into the UEF eRepository publication archive according to the OA standards.

Electronic publishing instructions


University publication series

The University of Eastern Finland has five publication series: each of the four faculties has its own series and, in addition, the university has one general series.
The main series are divided into two subcategories: 1) Dissertations and 2) Reports and Studies. The main series publish dissertations (1) and other scientific reports and studies of the university (2). The general series is intended for publishing articles and reports pertaining to the university's operations.

Publications of the University of Eastern Finland

  • Dissertations in Education, Humanities, and Theology

  • Reports and Studies in Education, Humanities, and Theology

  • Dissertations Forestry and Natural Sciences

  • Reports and Studies Forestry and Natural Sciences

  • Dissertations in Health Sciences

  • Reports and Studies in Health Sciences

  • Dissertations in Social Sciences and Business Studies

  • Reports and Studies in Social Sciences and Business Studies

  • General Series.

Publication sales

You can purchase publications in the publication series of the University of Eastern Finland from the publications sales by filling out this publication order form.

Studies that have appeared prior to the year 2010 have been published in the publications series of the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio.

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