researcher visibility and networking

By creating a personal researcher identifier, a researcher enhances the findability of their publications and their own coverage, while making it easier to monitor references to their work. An identifier is useful in many instances: with manuscripts, when peer reviewing, on a website, in social media and in one's CV. This ensures visibility in databases and your networking within scientific communities. Using a researcher identifier improves scientific publication-based research activity evaluation and statistics compilation.

Altmetrics is used in order to find the digital traces of publications in online areas outside a science community's traditional references and metrics related to them. Researchers' own/personal methods to improve the findability and visibility of their publications include, for example, using an ORCID identifier, open publishing and participating in social networking services of their own field.

UEF Connect is UEF's own visibility service.

UEF Research & Researcher Visibility Afternoon (28.5.2018) presentations:


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