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Service addresses:

If you are unsure of which address to contact, please, only use one of them. Your message will be forwarded when necessary. You will receive a reply to your message at the latest on the fourth working day.
If urgent, you can contact the library via chat (Mon-Fri from 9 to 15) or by telephone: +358 294 45 8397, +358 294 45 8400. See the libraries' contact information below.

  • Enquiries concerning the collections and the acquisition of information resources:
    • acquisitions(at]
  • Information skills guidance and training, reference management guidance and training, information retrieval services:
  • Material ordering outside local collections and material delivery to other libraries:
    • kaukopalvelu[at] 
  • Questions about borrowing, service fees and other library matters:
    • library[at]
  • Questions concerning SoleCRIS system and collecting publication data:
    • sole-cris[at]
  • Self-archiving for UEF eRepository publication archive:
    • erepo[at]
  • Service email for electronical publishing:
    • electronic.publications[at]
  • UEF Primo and the use of electronic resources:
    • primo[at]
  • UEF publication sales:
    • publication.sales[at] 
  • Questions concerning research data management and data sharing:
    • datasupport[at]

Joensuu Campus Library, Carelia

P.O. Box 107
Yliopistokatu 4
Tel. +358 294 45 8397

Kuopio Campus Library, Snellmania

P.O. Box 1627
Yliopistonranta 1 E
Tel. +358 294 45 8400

KUH Medical Library, Puijo Hospital

P.O. Box 100
Puijonlaaksontie 2
Tel. +358 294 45 8402,
Email: kys.kirj[at]

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Feedback will be processed daily. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. All feedback will be processed in the relevant services. If necessary, feedback will also be processed in the library’s working groups. Feedback and the changes prompted by feedback will be processed annually by the management group in the management review.