UEF Library's strategy 2016-2010 as a full text PDF file.


Library by your side

WE ARE an international, multidisciplinary and student-centered academic library and our teaching, collections and information environment enable building the competence base of the future. The library supports the transmission of scientific literacy and knowledge to the surrounding society as the key public scientific library of Eastern Finland and as a promoter of open science and an expert of scientific publishing.



OUR ACADEMIC COMMUNITY’S values are freedom of science, teaching and learning, transparency, courage, responsibility and impact. In addition, the library’s central values are: 

  • Expertise and competence
  • Customer orientation
  • Communality and interactivity 


Library’s goal

The library offers an information and service environment that enables the high academic quality of the university’s teaching and research and supports the sharing of research data to all in need of knowledge. University of Eastern Finland Library is a distinguished pioneer and cooperator within the academic libraries and information services.


Library as the promoter of the university’s strategic goals


  • library’s collections support the strategic research areas chosen by the university and provide premises for the development of new emerging research areas 
  • library offers research services to researchers especially for the data management and publishing
  • together with the academic community, the library develops the information services needed by the renewal-driven research and the visibility of the university’s research
  • library and its facilities help different disciplines to encounter each other and work together


  • library gives the students tools for learning by providing the required data and teaching the skills needed to use that data
  • library offers a modern information environment which is a central part of the university’s learning environment and develops it in continuous interaction with the students
  • library teaches the skills to acquire and manage data also for the needs of working life
  • library helps, for its part, the students to integrate into the academic community



  • library functions as a public scientific library and, for its part, ensures the sustainable development of science by supporting the learning of critical media and scientific literacy 
  • library promotes open science, especially open scientific publishing
  • library participates actively in the marketing and distribution of the university’s research results and improves their societal impact
  • in cooperation with other operators in the field, the library develops a method of operation for the distribution of scientific knowledge that is sustainable, economical and societally visible



  • as a workplace, the library is innovative, participatory and takes care of the improvement and rewarding of the library staff’s skills
  • library has sufficient resources, which is a prerequisite for the expert work in the whole academic community and at the library
  • library is an active operator and cooperator in the academic community
  • library is the central meeting place for the academic community and different disciplines



  • library offers all its services both in Finnish and in English and, for its part, furthers the internationalisation of the university
  • library is an active international operator and developer of the library field
  • library, for its part, helps the university’s international staff members and students to integrate into the academic community


Key library users and partners


LIBRARY’S key users are the University of Eastern Finland’s teachers, students, researchers and other staff members.
Other significant library user groups are:

  •  Mature students
  • Students from the universities of applied sciences
  • People from other organisations at the campuses
  • Citizens


LIBRARY’S key professional partnership network is the university libraries’ network where the library is an active operator.  Key partners of the basic operations are the other operators of the university’s campuses. Other significant partners of the library are:

  • The libraries of the universities of applied sciences, especially those operating in Eastern Finland
  • Other libraries and information services
  • Ministry of Education and Culture.


Evaluation and follow-up

STRATEGY’S materialisation is monitored with the help of selected indicators. Concrete profit targets and operational objectives are specified and projectised annually.


  • The strategy and its materialisation are discussed at the performance negotiations held annually between the library management group and university management.
  • Library’s management monitors the materialisation, evaluation and updating of the strategy.
  • Management group reports on the implementation of the strategy.
  • Groups in charge of the arrangements will report annually on their work to the library management group in the management review.
  • The strategy and its materialisation are discussed in the staff meetings at least every other year.