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The links of the discipline's most important databases will lead to the  info windows of UEF Primo,  where you can find more information and continue onwards to the information retrieval.

Europa – European Union Website Lots of information about the European Union and it's different institutions

  • EUR-Lex : EU law, EU case-law, the Official Journal etc.

  • Curia : the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal of the European Union

  • EU Bookshop Includes a vast digital library for most publications of the Publications Office of the European Union freely downloadable as PDF documents since 1952. Over 110.000 publications and 14 million scanned pages, in many cases in several different languages.




Information specialists and information skills teachers:






Information specialist
Tapani Toivanen
tel. +358 294 56  8355


courses for information retrieval

8022020 Research Information Retrieval and Management (intended for Graduate Students, course description and registration)


Ask For advice

Ask an Information Specialist:[at]

Book an appointment with an Information Specialist (max. 1 h free of charge)


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