Enter one or more search terms (for example, title, author or subject) and click the magnifying class. If you enter more than one term, UEF Primo gives results including all your search terms:

Choose the search field from the drop-down menu:

Library catalog = Library’s printed and electronic books and journals, dissertations, databases

International articles = international full-text articles and references

All e-resources = All electronic materials: publications and databases

Everything = All these together


Truncation: to truncate a search term, use asterisk *. The symbol replaces zero, one or more characters:
cultur*:  culture, culture-bound, cultural


Phrase search:  When you enclose search terms with double quotation marks, the search engine looks for words in the exact order:

global warming
social media

Characters are not case-sensitive. You may type proper names in lowercase or in capitals. For example, search term London and london brings the same results.

You may search for books and serial publications also by using ISBN and ISSN numbers. Search with or without hyphen: 0018-2362 or 00182362.

Boolean logic defines logical relationships between terms in a search. The Boolean search operators are AND, OR and NOT. Type the operators IN CAPITALS.

Boolean operator AND is used in the basic search by default. This means that you will receive the same results by using either the following searches:

 OR combines search terms so that each search result contains at least one of the terms:

You can enclose search terms and their operators in parentheses to specify the order in which they are interpreted. Information within parentheses is read first, then information outside parentheses is read next:


The operator NOT is always performed the last:




Use the advanced search form: 


1.    Choose which collection you want to search: Library Catalog, International articles, All e-resources or Everything.
2.    Choose the search field (for example, search in only the Subject field).
3.    Type down your search terms. Use operator OR (in CAPITALS) to combine alternatives, synonyms, or broader and narrower terms.
4.    Select a Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) to combine the search field entries. This search will give you results containing words cartoon / comics, AND women / gender.

NB! For security reasons, the connection to UEF Primo will be terminated after 6 hours unless the program is used.



This search finds a book “Forestry in the midst of global changes” by the author Farcy.

This search finds international articles containing the search term “human-animal relationship” either in Subject, or in Title field – or both.





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