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Where can I search for articles?

Search for articles at UEF Primo. Search also via the discipline-specific databases.

By narrowing ‘Peer reviewed’ (scholarly) you’ll get only scientific articles.

Other search engines: Google Scholar
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Where can I search for books?

Search for books at UEF Primo.  Besides English search terms, you can use other languages as well. The result list shows you both printed and electronic books.

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Where can I search for databases?

Open UEF Primo and select database search . Type the database name as a search term. Click the link ‘Full text availability' in order to open the database.

The university has access to all the core databases, like Web of Science, Scopus, Ebsco, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Pubmed and many others.
Read more about databases suitable for your discipline: http://www.uef.fi/en/web/kirjasto/tiedonhaku-ja-tiedonhaun-opetus/alakohtaiset-tiedonhaun-palvelut

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How do I use search terms?

Think about what the substantive issues in your search question are and type the key terms as they are. Do not use the questions or sentences of natural language. Instead, focus on essential terms. You can add defining terms later, if needed.

If your search term is a phrase, use quotation marks. For instance: “forest ecology”.

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How do I perform a better search?

Using Advanced search, you can easily modify your search to be more specific and comprehensive. For instance, you can limit your terms to be searched on Title or Subject field only – the results are likely to be more relevant.

Quite often an issue can be expressed in different ways. Connect the alternative terms with OR-operator. Use capital letters. Type the next issue on the next line. Examples:




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How do I open the article?

Open the record you are interested in. There might be a link available: FullText or PDF. If there isn’t, there might be a button 'Find it' or  , where you can check, if the full text is available via other service.

When you are at the university network, all the articles, e-books etc., that you are entitled to read will open without any user ID’s or passwords.

Please notice, that the university has no access to all the articles published online. Read more about:


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How do access resources at home?

Outside the university network, you can log in to UEF Primo with your UEF username and password in order to use the subscribed materials. If you not logged in to UEF Primo, you can enter your username and password when opening the material from the link 'Full text availability'. This is possible for university students and staff. After logging in you can continue to search as you normally do. Members of the KUH staff use the remote access.

Other customers can use all the materials in the campus libraries.

UEF Primo itself is open to all customers. The limitations concern electronic journals and electronic books as well as many databases.

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    More information about library guidance.

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