Of different types of theses, the UEF Library stores the dissertations, Licentiate's theses and Master's theses of the University of Eastern Finland. Bachelor's theses are not stored in the library. A thesis can be published

  • online: dissertations, UEF Master's theses (starting from the beginning of the year 2012)
  • in print format (dissertations, University of Kuopio Master's and Licentiate's theses until 2012)
  • on a microfiche, which can be read using designated reader devices (most of the University of Joensuu Master's and Licentiate's theses until the end of the year 2011)

The UEF Library has also print copies of other universities' dissertations.


Information regarding thesis material has been stored into the UEF Primo. Search for thesis material as you would when searching for books: enter a title and/or author into the UEF Primo search bar. Narrow the search by Format.

Online theses can also be accessed easily using Google. As a search term, you can add words such as 'dissertation', 'thesis' or 'gradu'.


UEF theses

UEF Electronic Publications is the online archive for the university's publications. Thesis material and other university publications are stored there. The publications can be browsed by series or by department, or you can search for publication titles, authors or subjects.

Dissertations and series publications are free to read for everyone.

UEF Master's theses have been published online starting from the year 2012. However, not all Master's theses are accessible. If the author has not allowed open publication, you can access the thesis on specific computers at the campus libraries. Print versions of the abovementioned Master's theses are not available.

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