You can ask the library's information specialists for advice on using the UEF Library's information resources and databases. For example, you can turn to the information specialists with your information retrievals when studying or writing a thesis. Brief guidance sessions are free of charge. Arrange a guidance appointment by contacting us. There is a possibility to choose ‘Distance guidance online’ if you are not on the spot in the campus.

You can also book a guidance time for a group. Contact:[at]

Neuvola in Joensuu Campus Library

In Joensuu Campus Library there is guidance for information searching available without booking in advance. Neuvola-classroom is open Monday to Friday at 11.30-13.30 and it is located behind the Oppari service desk on the 1st floor.

Information retrieval on assignment

You can also arrange on a larger-scale information retrieval with us. Information service fees can be found in the list of service fees.


Self-studying and guidebooks

Study material for open information retrieval

Information skills and sources in Science and Forestry

Research Information Retrieval and Management (UEF Doctoral School studies)


Materials in Finnish:

Information retrieval in physics

HisDot – Information retrieval in history web course

Information retrieval in cultural research

Information retrieval in geography and environmental politics

Information retrieval in mathematics

Information retrieval in forestry

Information retrieval in sociology and socio-politics

Information retrieval in foreign language studies



You can find open study materials of other study fields in Moodle. Links for them can be found on the web pages of different departments and faculties. (In Moodle, sign in using your UEF username).

Practices of Open Science -online course (produced by Open Science and Research Initiative)

Guides and instructions

E-books (instruction manuals)

RefWorks video instructions in English

YouTube (UEFLibrary) Guidance videos by the UEF Library


Book an appointment with an information specialist

For more information[at]

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Research support
Contact information of information specialists
Information retrieval training



Feedback form

Feedback will be processed daily. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. All feedback will be processed in the relevant services. If necessary, feedback will also be processed in the library’s working groups. Feedback and the changes prompted by feedback will be processed annually by the management group in the management review.