Legal deposit collection is a collection of Finnish print and electronic publications. It is based on the Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Materials 1433/2007 (available in Finnish and Swedish). The purpose of the law is to preserve national cultural materials for the future generations and make them available for researchers and other members of the public.  

University of Eastern Finland Library is one of the six legal deposit libraries in Finland. The collection has accumulated partially since 1981. The extended rights to legal deposit copies were granted in 2008.


The legal deposit collection includes print materials published since 1981. Information on the legal deposit copies published since 2008 can be found in the UEF Primo. Complete information on the Finnish print materials can be found in the Finnish National Bibliography Fennica. Furthermore, there is a separate list of the magazines and journals that have been or are still regularly delivered to the legal deposit collection. You can order legal deposit material for reading room use within the library's premises by filling in the Deposit copy request form.

The staff members of the University of Eastern Finland and KUH can take legal deposit copies to their office/room for research purposes. As a staff member, you can either personally pick up the material at the library's customer service or make a material delivery agreement with the library, in which case you will receive the legal deposit copies delivered to your office/room. You can make the agreement by filling in the Material delivery agreement for staff members form.


The library has specified legal deposit workstations with the access to the following digital resources:

  • Finnish online resources collected by the National Library of Finland since 2006.
  • The Radio and Television Archive since 2009.
  • Electronic legal deposit copies.
  • Copyrighted magazines and newspapers digitised by the National Library of Finland since 1930.

You can read, listen and watch the contents of the resources. You cannot make a digital copy of the contents. You can film and photograph images on the computer screen and record sounds from the loudspeakers.

It is possible to save searches in the Radio and Television Archive when you are logged in to the service with your personal username and password. You can get the username and password from the library.

You can take printouts of web pages and digitised magazines and journals. Printing is subject to a charge.

The workstations do not have Internet connection. The most common office software has been installed on the workstations. However, you cannot save files to your own saving device or send them by email. In other words, it is advisable to bring your own laptop when working on the legal deposit workstations.

The University of Eastern Finland Library has three legal deposit workstations: two at the Joensuu Campus Library and one at the Kuopio Campus Library. The workstation in Kuopio is equipped with loudspeakers and the workstations in Joensuu are equipped with headphones. You can print from all of the three workstations.


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