Check first if the news feeds on the library's home page or UEF Primo have any more information and guidance for overcoming the difficulties you face.

General instructions for hardware issues:

  1. Try another Web browser.
  2. Check your network status and, if possible, restart the connection and potential devices (modem, router etc.).
  3. Restart your device.


  1. Are you graduate student, open university student or staff? Remote access rights are not given to students studying only Aducate's chargeable courses, for instance.
  2. Did you make sure that you have searched the materials from UEF Primo and that you are logged in to UEF Primo? Please note that other organisations have search engines of their own.
  3. Can you access other e-materials, such as other e-books of the same service provider, e-books of other services or e-journals?
    - If you cannot, contact UEF IT Servicedesk. Your username may probably have some technical difficulties.
    - If you can, skip to Resources not functioning?

Resources not functioning?

  1. If an e-book that could earlier be found in UEF Primo is not there anymore, please fill in a UEF Primo feedback form to notify us (instructions further below).
  2. If a UEF Primo book link is not functioning, please notify us by filling in a UEF Primo feedback form.
  3. Check if a solution for the problem could be found in the service provider's own Help section or the e-book instructions on library's home page.
  4. If an e-book does not open in a browser when it should be possible, please notify us by filling in a UEF Primo feedback form. In such a situation, you cannot access a book that allows one concurrent reader, even if nobody is reading it.
  5. If you cannot download an e-book into a reader programme, check the reader's instructions and the following issues:
    - Do you have the right reader software? For example, Adobe Reader is not valid, if Adobe Digital Editions is required.
    - Have you downloaded and installed the reader programme on your device?
    - Have you authorised the device?
    - Have you created your own user account to the e-book service and logged in?
    - Is it even possible to download the book into a reader programme?

DESCRIBING THE PROBLEMS IN THE uef primo feedback form

  1. Did the problem occur at the campus or outside the campus?
  2. If the problem occurred at the campus, did you use fixed or wireless connection? If wireless connection, university's or some other network?
  3. What type of an error message is encountered (word for word, if possible) and at what stage of the process?
  4. Which book, journal or article does the problem refer to? If possible, please attach a direct link to the material.
  5. Which Internet browser were you using when the problem occurred?


Information specialist
Kaarina Meriläinen

Information specialist
Mikko Meriläinen




Feedback form

Feedback will be processed daily. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. All feedback will be processed in the relevant services. If necessary, feedback will also be processed in the library's working groups. Feedback and the changes prompted by feedback will be processed annually by the management group in the management review.