1. How many concurrent users can access book?

Unlimited number.

2. Can I read the books using just my Web browser?

If your desktop or laptop computer requires separate software for pdf files (see question 9): No.

If you are using a tablet: Yes.

3. Can I print and copy the material?

Yes. Parts of books can be printed or copied.

4. Can I save the books?

Yes, individual chapters i.e. on a USB stick, in pdf file format. Reader software is required to open these files (see question 9).

5. Can I borrow the books and then read them offline??

Yes. Individual chapters can be permanently downloaded into a reader programme.

6. Can I reserve material?

N/A (unlimited number of concurrent users).

7. Can I use the books with my tablet or e-reader?

Yes. Books can be accessed without a separate reader programme. However, using free reader software enables you to use bookmarks (see question 9).

Books can be downloaded as individual chapters on all e-book readers.

8. Can I read the book I have borrowed on different devices?

The books allow an unlimited number of concurrent users. Therefore it is recommended to download the book separately on each device.

9. Which reader software do I use on each device?

(Create Adobe ID account)

Desktop or laptop computer

Adobe Reader. The program has been installed on the workstations at the university.

iOS devices: iPad, iPhone

Any pdf reader.

Android devices

Any pdf reader.

10. How do I install the reader software?

Normal installation process similar to most downloaded programmes.

11. How do I download a book into the programme?

Individual chapters are accessed automatically in the Adobe Reader programme using the pdf links.

12. Other notes

Library customers can order a printed paperback ’MyCopy’ of Springer e-books used by the University of Eastern Finland for € 24.99.




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Information specialist
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