The library has a selection of approximately 280,000 e-books from various academic fields, as well as two electronic compilations of pre-20th century English-language literature. A majority of the e-books can be accessed by multiple concurrent users. Other restrictions (such as printing, saving and copying) vary among different e-book providers.

Where can you find these e-books?

All e-books acquired for the library's collections can be found in the UEF Primo database. Searches in UEF Primo automatically include e-books, and you can narrow your search to include only electronic material. Additionally, you can find complete e-book provider services (e.g. Ebook Central, Ebsco, Oppiportti) in UEF Primo.

According to license agreements, licensed electronic materials are available for all library users within the campus libraries. In addition, students and staff of the University of Eastern Finland and the Kuopio University Hospital staff can access the materials from other campus facilities and via remote access from outside the campus.

Reading e-books

You can read a majority of the e-books with a Web browser without separate reader software. You can also download most books for offline use with a reader programme. To download a reader programme, you often need to register a user account into the e-book service (e.g. Ellibs, Ebsco, Ebook Central). The main entry page of an e-book indicates if you can read it by using a Web browser and/or reader software. Downloaded e-books do not remain permanently in your possession, for they have loan periods. A downloaded e-book is automatically removed from your device on the due date.

Some e-books are available only for the holders of the University of Eastern Finland's Haka credentials, i.e. UEF user ID and password.

Reader software

The most common reader programme for desktop or laptop computers, as well as mobile devices, is the downloadable, free-of-charge Adobe Digital Editions. On the university's computer workstations, the software starts automatically from the university network, when you begin downloading the book. However, it is not recommended to download e-books into a reader programme on the workstations in the library or IT classrooms due to the frequently changing users.

A reader programme needs to be authorised when it is downloaded and installed on a device.

Authorisation in Adobe Digital Editions:

a) anonymous authorisation (check the box: authorize anonymously) or

b) Adobe ID authorisation (requires the user to create an Adobe username). This is required if you want to read the same book on multiple different devices and to transfer the book from device to another using an external storage device. Transferring is not recommended!


Individual books of the following providers cannot be found in UEF primo:

  • Academic Core Collection (HeinOnline) - approx. 9,000 titles
  • Early English Books Online EEBO - approx. 100,000 titles
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online ECCO - approx. 150,000 titles

UEF Primo contains a link to the main page of these providers, but not to individual book titles.


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