Publication submitting to SoleCRIS and self-archiving to eRepo

Storing the ongoing year's publication information into the SoleCRIS research database begins in March, when the previous year's publications have been reported to the Ministry of Education and Culture. UEF Library stores the publication information into SoleCRIS, but the researcher is responsible to provide the publication information with this form (log in using your UEF username and password). Remember to always report a new publication, because publications form a remarkable portion of funding for universities.

Researchers are recommended to self-archive their articles into the UEF eRepository publication archive or another similar service whenever possible. When storing information into SoleCRIS, the library will sort out the self-archiving possibilities of the articles. If needed, the library will enquire for more information from the first internal author in the UEF.

For more information

Head of Services
Jukka Kananen
tel. 0294 45 8139

Information Specialist
Mari Niemi
tel. 0294 45 8023

IT Systems Specialist
Antti Laurila (eRepository)
tel. 0294 45 8193

sole-cris[at] (publishing reporting)

erepo[at] (self-archiving)


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Feedback will be processed daily. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. All feedback will be processed in the relevant services. If necessary, feedback will also be processed in the library's working groups. Feedback and the changes prompted by feedback will be processed annually by the management group in the management review.