UEF PRIMO will replace UEF FINNA as the library's search service.

Effects on library services:

  • Remote access to e-resources via UEF Primo with UEF username and password requires registration as a library customer from now on. To register as a customer, fill out the form. Registration doesn’t require picking up the library card – the card is required only for borrowing print materials. If you already have a library card, you don't need to register again.

  • Online payment is not possible for the time being. We plan to put online payment in UEF Primo to use in early 2020.

  • In the transition period all books will have longer loaning periods and due dates will extend until January
    • course books starting from 2.12.
    • other books starting from 18.11.
  •  Reserving Legal deposit copies in UEF Finna is closed until the end of the year on 28.11.2019.
  • The last day for making reservations is 11.12.2019.
  • New books cannot be processed into collections during December 2019.
  • UEF students and staff members can no longer make independent requests of article copies of the National Repository Library's journals. They will be made via the interlibrary services.
  • Personal UEF Finna accounts will cease on 16.12.2019, which means that renewing loans and paying fees online in UEF Finna is no longer possible.
  • All UEF Libraries will be closed during the transferring phase 21.12.2019-1.1.2020. For other exceptions in opening hours go to library's website.

Please follow our detailed updates about the process on the UEF Library’s webpage, University intranet and UEF Library’s social media channels.


Save your searches and favourites

UEF Library is changing its library system at the turn of the year 2019-2020 and the use of UEF Finna will cease. E-materials can be used via UEF Finna until 31.12.2019. Printed material can still be browsed in UEF Finna, but the information will not be updated after 16.12.2019. If you want to keep your favourites and saved searches,  you have to transfer them yourself as they will not automatically migrate to the new library system. Transfer your favourites either to your email or to Refworks.


Move your favourites to your own email

  • Login to UEF Finna
  • Click Favourites
  • If necessary, increase the number of results per page (default:20/page)
  • Tick Select Page
  • Click Email
  • Enter your email address and send

Transferring Favourites to RefWorks, see pdf.

You can keep your saved searches only by copying+pasting them to e.g. a Word file, or by taking and saving them as screenshots.

More information: primo[at]


      Important dates

  • Last day for making reservations 11th December
  • Personal UEF-Finna-accounts will cease on 16th December
  • Last opening day of the Campus Libraries 20th December
  • E-materials can be used via UEF Finna until 31th December
  • Libraries will open on 
    2nd January 2020.
  • UEF Primo available on 2nd January at the latest


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