Retrieving publications

When you know the name of a book, journal or an article, but you are not sure how to get hold of a copy, you can search the UEF Primo to find it. UEF Primo grants you access to both print and electronic materials. You can also search for online publications using Google.

Rights to use

Purchased e-materials are available to all customers in the campus networks and campus libraries.

Outside the campus networks you need to identify yourself via UEF Pimo. This concerns UEF students and staff members. Identification is performed either by logging in to the UEF Primo or by entering your personal UEF username when opening the material from UEF-Primo. Use the link 'Full text avaiability' for opening.

The KUH staff members sign in using remote access.

Print materials are available for all customers for reading and borrowing.

Publications open to all

Scientific articles are published increasingly with open access. Various services and tools are available to track open scientific publications. Read more about these on FinELib's website:

If material is not part of your library's collections

Articles, journals and books outside the UEF Library's may be open accessed - try for instance Google. Remember also to check out other libraries near your location.
You can also order an article or a book from the Interlibrary services for a fee.

List of fees

The university library's material is free of charge to use. Legal deposit copies are also free.  Interlibrary service fees are determined according to a separate list of fees.





For more information

Information retrievals and how to use e-materials:[at]

E-material maintenance: primo[at]


See also

Library collections: what types of material is acquired to the UEF Library


Feedback form

Feedback will be processed daily. Easily fixed issues will be solved immediately if they are essential to the service and in accordance with the operating policy. All feedback will be processed in the relevant services. If necessary, feedback will also be processed in the library’s working groups. Feedback and the changes prompted by feedback will be processed annually by the management group in the management review.