As the fifth most spoken language in the world, Russian is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. Approximately 275 million people speak Russian, with around 165 million using it as their mother tongue. If you speak Russian, you can manage relatively well in countries that speak other Slavic languages.

For centuries, the Finnish and Russian border area has been a region of bustling activity and interaction. This is expected to continue in the future. Russians now shop, spend their holidays and use a range of services in Finland. Russian is one of the most needed languages in Finnish working life; Finnish business life is short of Russian speakers. Alongside Germany and Sweden, Russia is one of Finland's biggest trade partners.

For you, our close proximity to the border offers unique opportunities to study the Russian language and culture at the Language Centre of our University.

On Language Centre courses, you can begin your Russian studies from the basics, or continue studying on an optional course more suitable for you. You can utilise your knowledge of the Russian language and culture in various curricula and international projects at our University.

In St. Petersburg, located only a few hours away, you can try out your Russian skills and admire splendid architecture – beautiful churches, monasteries and palaces – visit the museums of A. Pushkin, F. Dostoyevsky and P. Tchaikovsky, enjoy high-level ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre or see e.g. paintings by Pablo Picasso and other European artists from various centuries, at the renowned State Hermitage Museum. You can also go to St. Petersburg to study Russian as an exchange student.

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Welcome to study Russian language and culture!