Language Centre

The Language Centre is responsible for language and communication studies included in degrees on Joensuu and Kuopio campuses of the University of Eastern Finland. In addition to courses forming part of degrees, we arrange optional courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and international exchange students, the University's staff and external customers. The activities of the Language Centre support the internationalisation of the entire University and Eastern Finland.

Studies at the Language Centre privide tools for life-long learning in language and communication skills. We seek to guide our students towards independence, taking the initiative and becoming creative communicators.

As the key goals of the Language Centre are learning and the development of students' language and communication skills, it is essential that our focus is on learning and we work in a student-centred manner. As a working community, we strive to learn constantly and to develop our practices accordingly. To reach our goals we work in close co-operation with faculties, departments and other units of the university as well as with the student union. We collect feedback on all our activities in order to develop them further following the Plan-Do-Check-Act model.

If you wish to give us feedback, you can do so here.

Our key values are: 
Ethicality – which means primarily fairness and equality in all decision-making and interactions.
Criticality – which is manifested in our action-research orientation and reflection of our activities. 
Responsibility – which shows in the commitment of our staff and students as well as in our customer-centred approach to ensure appropriate and efficient services. 

Quality assurance

The quality management system of the Language Centre follows closely the quality policy and objectives defined by the university board. All our activities are aligned according to the strategy of the University of Eastern Finland and relevant regulations and every staff member plays a role in reaching the quality levels and objectives set. The director of the Language Centre is responsible for the quality management system together with the head of academic and student affairs. The Language Centre has a working group for development and quality, which has a student representation and which meets on a regular basis.

Our quality manual is updated according to need and quality matters are dealt with in departmental meetings. The development of our quality management system is based evaluations and assessments, both internal and external, as well as on feedback received. Our quality manual (in Finnish only) is available on the UEF quality pages.

Instructions relating to the application of vacant positions

Instructions for the portfolio of teaching merits