For Finns, German language skills are extremely important and will remain so in the future, both in studies and working life. Knowing German improves the opportunities of Finnish people to be active and have an influence in both Finland and the European Union.

  • German is one of the so-called main languages, and the widest spoken language in the EU.
  • German is the second-most common scientific language.
  • Online, German is the second most used language.
  • 18 % of the literature published in the world is published in German.
  • Germany is Finland's most important trade partner and Europe's most important export country.
  • For Finns living abroad, Germany is the second most-popular country of residence in the EU.
  • German-speaking countries are popular travel destinations.
  • Young Finns are also interested in German culture (music, football).
  • Learning German as an adult is relatively easy.

At the Language Centre, you can begin German studies from the basics, or select a course that corresponds to your skills and needs. The languages of tuition are German and Finnish.

For further information on these courses and registration, please see WebOodi:

8014001 German 1

8014002 German 2

8014003 German 3

8014004 German 4

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