Why should you study French?

Are you planning an exchange year in a French-speaking country?

Mastering the French language helps in seeking a study place in the renowned and highly ranked French universities and universities of applied sciences. In addition, students who speak French can apply for a scholarship granted by the French government.

Do you need French language sources in your studies?

For example the fields of philosophy, sociology, psychology, social sciences, cultural studies, linguistics and literature have fascinating French sources.

Would you like to work in international tasks?

French is a working language and an official language in e.g. the UN, EU, UNESCO, NATO, International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and many international judiciaries. It is the language used in three of the home cities, Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg, of EU institutions. In addition, if you wish to apply for a job in the commercial industry, French language skills and knowledge of the culture will improve your chances, since the doors of French companies open more easily to those who understand the language.

Are you interested in French culture?

French is the international language of cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance, sports and architecture. If you speak French, you will have access to French people and French literary masterpieces, cinema and chansons.

Through the Language Centre's courses, you can begin your French studies from the basics, without any prior knowledge of French, or select a more advanced course suitable for you. The languages of tuition are French and Finnish.

For further information on these courses and registration, please see WebOodi.
Welcome to study French!

French courses

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