I have studied Finnish before

If you have studied Finnish before:

  • Do you know your skill level?
  • Self evaluate your skill level. If you need help, please contact our Finnish teachers.

Skill levels (CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


You can tell little bit about yourself and about the people around you. You know some basic vocabulary and simple phrases, for example greetings and numbers. You understand simple questions and commands.


You survive in everyday situations, for example in a shop. You understand the basic idea of a simple text when the topic is familiar to you. You can write a short personal message, for example a letter or an email.


You understand the main points from speech or text, if the topic is familiar to you. Topics such as studying or working are typical examples. You can get by with Finnish in most everyday situations. You can describe your feelings and wishes. You can take part in conversations even if you are not prepared.


You can actively take part in conversations about more complex topics. For example you can understand most tv-news. You are able to cope with Finnish in most social situations. You can read articles and books.


Unfortunately we do not currently offer C-level courses.



You can find more information about European language levels and Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in English from the Internet site of UEF Language Centre (CEFR) or from Council of Europe's European Language Portfolio site.