Provet Lab Animals - UEF

Provet Lab animals is the Animal Data Management System of LAC. It  is a web browser based service.

Animal license is a central element in Provet. There are two types of licenses:  Those approved by the National Animal Experiment Board (so-called external licenses, ESAVI) and those approved  by the LAC (internal license, so-called Animal Use Plans, EKS).

All animals are placed under some license. New licenses are entered in the  Provet by somebody from the research group . The license must be activated  by LAC before the researcher can order animals or new animals can be entered into the system.

The license also determines which animals the researcher can see/handle.  A researcher can see the animals only if she/he is  attached  to the licence of the animals in Provet (the role may be a license holder,  a payer,  a responsible researcher, a researcher attached to the license). If you need to be attached to a license (= should see the animals), please, ask the License holder to inform  LAC (Provettuki  (at)

There are two versions of the system:

Description on Primacy Protection (Personal Data Act  523/1999: 10 §): PDF (In Finnish)

enlightened  Username-Password are required for both versions.
They are available for researchers who  conduct  a study at LAC.  Please, contact  provettuki (at) for 
 a new Provet account.

Contact persons in LAC:

Provet-questions and support: Provettuki  (at)