Mouse and rat analgesia

Best result will be achieved, when analgesic is given before the pain starts. In practice, administrate analgesic into an animal when it has just fallen asleep, before you start the operation.  You can administrate bubrenorfin and carprofein simultaneously into an animal.  

1) Temgesic® (buBrenorfiN 0,3mg/ml)

Mouse:      0,05 - 0,1 mg/kg
Dilute 1 part Temgesic® and 19 parts sterile water
Administration of completed solution: 
0,034 - 0,06 ml/10g sc, iv q 6-12h

Rat:  0,01 - 0,05 mg/kg
Dilute 1 part Temgesic® and 9 parts sterile water
Administration of completed solution: 
0,03 - 0,17 ml/100g sc, iv q 6-12h

Attention! Do not give before anaesthesia, that contains fentanyl (e.g. käyttöliuos). Bubrenorfin prevents the sedative effect of fentanyl and you can not get the animal into anaesthesia.  When you use "käyttöliuos", it is best to give bubrenorfin when the animal is waking up.  Bubrenorfin may paralyze intestine function and therefore cause constipation.  

2) Rimadyl injectio solution® (CarprofeIn 50mg/ml)

Mouse and rat: 5 mg/kg
Dilute  1 part Rimadyl®  and 9 parts sterile water
Administration of completed solution: 
     mouse:    0,01 ml/10g sc, po
     rat:            0,1ml/100g sc, po
q24h no more than 3 days