Personnel, animal and item mobility within Lab Animal Centre

The purpose of restrictions is to prevent incoming pathogenes and infection of animals. Bring in only necessary items, prevent animal based contamination and agree beforehand with the personnel of LAC practical issues.

Personnel and items entering into animal area: 
1. Persons must be without rodent and rabbit contact (in other units, laboratories or at home) minimum 48 hours. 
2. Please, avoid using fragrance, which might disturb animals.
3. Transfer from cleaner unit into dirtier one is unrestricted.

Scheme of health status in different units and admittance regulations | (PDF)

4. Animals can not be transferred from dirtier unit into cleaner one at all. 
5. Cleanness of the items must be checked before entering into animal area. 
6. Packaging of the items must be left outside the animal area (e.g. into corridor).
7. Items coming on wagons/carts: wagons must be left outside the animal area. 
8. Cages and racks coming outside the unit must be sterilized or disinfected before entering into animal area and those cages are washed last during the day.

Personal protective clothing: 
9. When entering animal area, wash your hands or use hand disinfectant, put on long sleeve over coat, hair cap, gloves and shoe covers or separate shoes.
10. Additionally use respiratory mask (P2) in animal rooms and also in other premises when handling animals.

Animals entering into animal area:
11. Only animals coming from units with adequate health status can be taken into animal area. The veterinarian or director of the Centre has the final decision.
12. Animals come in delivery boxes and the surface of boxes must be disinfected before entering into animal area. Animals will be transferred immediately into cages and delivery boxes must be removed from the unit. 

Animals leaving the animal area:
13. Animals can be transported outside the unit in closed delivery boxes or equivalent. 
14. When transporting animals in their cages, the cages must be covered with a cloth or equivalent during the transportation.
15. If animals are leaving in their own cages, one has to agree beforehand how to return and disinfect the cages.

Within animal unit:
16. The floor of animal rooms will be cleaned with moist cloth first thing in the morning. 
17. Clean items will be transferred into animal rooms through green corridores and dirty items from animal rooms go to the washing area through red corridores.