Environmental conditions:

Research involving laboratory animals is usually conducted in so-called open (conventional) units. 
The breeding and maintenance of animals is done in a barrier unit. Barrier unit is separated from other units, with own ventilation system and they have restricted admittance. Housing equipment, feed and bedding are sterilized by autoclaving.

Animal rooms:

Animal rooms are either normal rooms or cubical rooms, each having own outlet ventilation.

Guidelines for accommodation and care of animals are given in European Convention (ETS No,. 123) Appendix A.

Reference values for animal rooms in Snellmania and Canthia units:
Air change: 15 x hour
Temperature: rats 21 ± 2 °C, mice 22 ± 12°C, rabbits 18 ± 2 °C, pigs 22 ± 2 °C
Humidity: 55 ± 15 % RH (temerature affects the relative humidity)
Light cycle: 12/12 h, lights on 7.00 AM, lights off 7.00 PM

The monitoring of environmental conditions is computerized, either with facility system or IVC control units. Seasonal changes affect the temperature and humidity, since ventilation system nor IVC central units can not decrease the humidity of incoming air. You can ask a report of environmental conditions in that unit during your study. Information is available one year backwards. The documentation of light cycle may be inaccurate. 

Similar conditions are tried to be maintained in other units, but monitoring and control of ventilation is not as accurate or reported


The rodents are housed in Snellmania and Bt1 individually ventilated cages (IVC) made of polysulfone. Bottles used for IVC:s are made of polysulfone. In Bt2 the cages are stainless steel solid bottom cages; some polycarbonate cages are also available. Drinking bottles are made of polycarbonate and their caps from stainless steel.


IVC cages with mice are changed with 9-10 day intervals. The lids of IVC cages are changed every other time the cages are changed for mice.

IVC cages with 1-2 rats are changed once a week, IVC cages with several rats are changed twice a week. The lids of IVC cages are changed every two weeks for rats.

Mouse steel cages are changed into clean ones once or twice a week, depending on the number of animals per cage.

Rabbit cages are changed into clean ones once a week and additionally bedding trays underneath separately once a week.

Housing pens of pigs are washed daily.


Custom made
Franke Finland Oy

  Mouse cage (IVC 1285) Mouse cage (mini) Mouse cage (regular)
Materiaali Polysulfoni Ruostumaton teräs Ruostumaton teräs
Valmistaja Tecniplast Franke Finland Oy Franke Finland Oy
Width x depth (cm) ? 155 x 30 24,5 x 42
Height (cm) ? 12 15
Floor area (cm2) 542 450 1029
Maximum allowed number of animals      
≤25 g 7 5 12
≤30 g 6 4 10
>40 g 5 2 6


  Small rat cage Rat cage (regular)
Material Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Producer Tecniplast
Width x depth (cm) 24,5 x 42 28,5 x 48,5
Height (cm) 17,5 20
Floor area(cm2) 1029  1382
Maximum allowed number of animals    
 ≤200 g 5 6
 ≤300 g 4 5
 ≤400 g 2 3
  >400g 1 2



Material Stainless steel
Producer  Franke Finland Oy
Width x depth (cm) 69 x 80 
Height (cm) 46
Floor area (cm2) 5520
Maximum allowed number of animals  ≤5 kg 1-2


Floor pens, floor area varies from 2 m2 to whole room.

Bedding, diet, water: 

  Mice Nude mice Rats Rabbits Pigs

Bedding (amounth in small/normal cage)

Aspen chip (Tapvei, Kaavi)
1,2 l

Sellulose shaving
 (Paper Shavings, Datesand)

Aspen chip (Tapvei, Kaavi) Contact
1,4 l 

Aspen chip (Tapvei, Kaavi)
450 g





*Nesting material(aspen shaving, Tapvei, Kaavi)
*Plastic tube/iglu
*Mothers have nestlet

*Plastic tube/iglu   *Nesting material(aspen shaving, Tapvei, Kaavi) *Plastic tube and/or gnawing blocks
  *Gnawing blocks (aspen, Tapvei, Kaavi)

   *Autoclaved hay daily
*Gardboard tubes(Datesand)
*Autoclaved sticks (koivu, Tapvei)


*Autoclaved straw
*Plastic balls
*Gnawing blocks
*Autoclaved sticks(koivu, Tapvei)



 ad libitum
 Maintenance: Teklad 2016S 
Breeding: Teklad 2018S

ad libitum
 Maintenance: Teklad 2016S
 Breeding: Teklad 2018S

 ad libitum
 Maintenance: Teklad 2016S
 Breeding: Teklad 2018S

 Restricted feeding
Teklad 2030

 Pekoni 90 mure

 Water ad libitum 
Tap water in bottles
ad libitum
 Tap water in bottles
 ad libitum 
Tap water in bottles
 ad libitum 
Tap water in bottles
 ad libitum 
Tap water from automated watering system