Authorization of animal experiments - Project licences

Animal experiments are authorized in Finland by the national Animal Experiment Board (Eläinkoelautakunta, ELLA).

ELLA is divided into four sections: Helsinki, Turku, Kuopio and Oulu.

The Animal Experiment Board processes and grants the licences for animal experiments. The authorization is permitted for 3 years in maximum.

The licence holder has responsibility that experiments are performed according to the licence. Minor changes may, however, be performed according to the refinement clause:  the methods of procedures may be changed, if the change will not increase the pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm of animals. For example, you may change the mouse strain to another, if the new strain is free from welfare problems. It is always advisable to ask personnel of your laboratory animal unit, whether you can change your experimental protocol. You may also ask the Ella officers for advice.

For more information look: ELLA -  National Animal Experiment Board and short summary about the use of animals for scientific or educational purposes