The primary focus of research in Education and Adult Education is on citizenship, educational philosophy and history, learning environments, liberal education, its various forms of impact and constructive assessment. The main research themes are as follows:

  • learning society and education citizenship
  • educational organisations as working and learning environments
  • evaluation as critical and developmental activity

Special pedagogy research is multidisciplinary and it is focused on people in need of support ranging from children in primary school to adults. Points of view include support for learning, well-being, technological solutions, assessment and learning environments. The special characteristic and strength of our research are longitudinal research frameworks, interventions and case studies. The main research themes are as follows:

  • learning difficulties and social exclusion
  • the development of pedagogical support and special education
  • the development of inclusive operating environments

The overarching theme of research in Career Counselling comprises counselling and the life course in their societal contexts. The main research themes are as follows:

  • Counselling processes and the assessment of their effects
  • The diversity of the life, education and career paths of individuals and communities
  • research on and development of guidance services

Psychology as an academic subject is based on multidisciplinary psychology, of which the multidisciplinary aspect is also visible in the research areas of psychology in our own university. The main research themes are as follows:

  • Life course, pedagogy and education
  • clinical psychology and health psychology
  • well-being at work and during studies

Many of the research teams in the school operate in the university’s strong and developed field of research, Learning in interactive environments, LINE (2015-2020)