About the School of Educational Sciences and Psychology

Expertise in the fields of education and psychology

Key figures 2017

115 bachelor's degrees
102 master's degrees
8 doctoral degrees

43 internationally reviewed
13 domestically reviewed

938 basic degree students
88 postgraduate degree stude

15 int'l basic degree students
7 int'l postgraduate degree students
161 exchange students

11 professors
36 teachers and researchers

The School of Educational Sciences and Psychology combines the competences of adult education, education, special pedagogy, psychology and counselling. The key of our operation is formed by the basic and postgraduate education of experts in these fields and related research.

Our school is also an important social expert, operator and developer regionally, nationally and internationally.

Education responsibilities

The School of Educational Sciences and Psychology organises education in psychology, education, adult education, special pedagogy and counselling. In addition, we also organise training that leads to the qualification of special education teachers, career counsellors and psychologists. Our school also offers minor subject education in these disciplines and separate qualifying studies to be completed after degree studies, such as the Certificate Programme for Kindergarten Special Education Teachers, the Certificate Programme for Special Education Teachers and Qualification Studies for Career Counsellors.

In addition, our school organises Pedagogical Studies in Adult Education for those students at the University of Eastern Finland whose major subject grants them the qualification to teach primarily in settings beyond basic education, i.e., the studies in their major subject are targeted at duties in an upper secondary school, vocational education (general subjects) and adult education (academic subjects related to education, society and business and the law, for example).

Available studies


Major subject studies

Master's degree studies

Minor subjects

Separate studies and qualifying studies